Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby got back

Yesterday, my entry was all about yearbook covers and things "un"-covered. Today, a look at my Queen's ArtSci '08 frosh coveralls. Emblazoned across the rump, the slogan "2008: Best ASUS to Date." While ASUS may stand for "Arts and Science Undergraduate Society" it's provocatively pronounced "asses." In other words, '08 had the best asses to date.

(NB: Based on the number of girls J-Rock has pegged as hot on the UofT campus that were Queen's '08 with me, I think he would agree.)

Andy: I worry about my chronically elevated cortisol levels. I think I might get brain atrophy...

Mello: Amygdala!

Andy: No, more like... cerebral cortex?

Mello: Huh?

Andy: You know, stress hormones affect like five parts of the brain? Amygdala, hippocampus, anterior cingulate gyrus, prefrontal cortex, and...

Mello: Oh! Corpus callosum!

Andy: Oh right, corpus callosum. My bad. I guess the connection is withering between my two brains.

Mello: Hahaha!

Andy: Notice I said two brains, rather than two halves of my brain.

Mello: Oh yeah! The two halves of your brain!

Andy: Nope, two brains. That's how I'm smart and knowledgeable. I have a second brain in my tailbone.

Mello: Is that why your butt is so poofy?

Andy: ...

Andy: No, I just have a big ass.

Oddly enough, the first classmate to ever comment on the size of my ass was Stewie - a fellow bro.

Well, I hope you like it (refer to 5:35). ROFL


sandlot said...

Are you insinuating that I think you're just a piece of meat?


Jerry said...

See the thing is, York has WAY more hotter girls than Queens, it's just that, well, they don't often end up in med school...