Friday, February 5, 2010

Got Milk?

Boy, this almost makes me want to give drinking plain milk a shot. I mean, if it's good enough for Wolverine...?

I found this ad while browsing free comics I picked up at Fan Expo. I didn't know they still made celebrity "Got Milk?" ads - let alone ones this hilarious.

Sandlot: "You should tag me in this post. I'm on the phone while you're writing it so I'm basically a part of it." (Fine, but just because I like you - a lot...)

7 comments: said...

I have read this post

-lay off the mushy stuffkthxbai

shirls said...

I agree with brutalturtle 100% on the latter part of the comment.

Perhaps to increase readership, you may want to layoff the online PDA...
Get a chatroom or something.

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sandlot said...


I sense jealousy.

Anonymous said...

when i see wolfervine and "got milk" together, i don't know why but i thought he has gynecomastia and galactorrhea - milk discharge from his nipple. no milk for me for a while

Michael said...






a_ndy said...

First off, I'm super impressed that all five of you guys logged in to leave these comments. So great.

@brutalturtle: I have read this comment. I will take your feelings under advisement. P.S. you're really climbing the label listings day-by-day!

@shirls: Always a straight shooter, eh? "Get a chatroom or something." My entries always aspire to present their own entertaining content - an effusive line here and there shouldn't undermine from that - but I will be mindful of this feedback.

@sandlot: What have you done? You've turned me into what you hate the most! Heh.

@Teddy: Glad to know you're thinking about Hugh Jackman with breasts. LOL!

@Michael: Perfect response.

Riona55 said...