Monday, February 22, 2010

I am not a creeper

Sometimes you run into a person who looks perfectly normal and probably functions about so, but they're clearly not. Take for instance the above TTC patron. He looks fairly ordinary with his chubby midriff (~30% of North Americans), Tim Horton's coffee (~90% of Canadians), and vocational ID badge.

Sure he looks like he's trying to withdraw into his seat, his neck muscles so stiff that it rather looks like he has no neck, but some people have no neck? Sure it's a bit gross that as he tore into his Tim Hortons muffin he let it roll all over the seat in front of him (no doubt infested with all sorts of enteric bacteria), but some people don't understand personal hygiene?

Then, the subway lurched to a start, and from the seat in front of me this only vaguely odd looking man let out a piercing, "AWROOoo!!!"

I turned to my left, my eyebrows furrowed in half-sincere anxiety. "I think he's a werewolf!" I whispered.

As for the photo - even Brutus didn't notice me taking it, and he was sitting beside me. I'm a ninja.

3 comments: said...

i have read and enjoyed this post

Riona55 said...

that was such a random story andy! haha, good job of taking a silent picture of the pseudo-werewolf though.

sandlot said...

Was he the embodiment of the werewolf from Twlight?


Then I don't care about hobowolf.