Monday, February 8, 2010

Coverage and uncoverage

If you remember, last year I had a number of complaints about the production quality of the medical school yearbook. But as they say, don't knock it if you can't do better. With all that layout snobbery, I should put my money where my mouth is, right? So this year, I enlisted.

Having submitted a smattering of photos (Great Wall, represent), chibi drawings, and the odd piece of poetry to the Art section of last year's yearbook, the editor-in-chief asked me if I could brainstorm up some ideas for cover art. They had apparently come up with some ideas already but still wanted more.

I haven't tried my hand at designing a yearbook cover since my design was rejected in Grade 12 (when Pomme stole one of my graphics and used it on her own winning cover - oh yes, I haven't forgotten). While I'd tried my hand at a variety of layout positions for student publications since then, I was drawing a creative blank when it came to something as open-ended as a yearbook cover.

The best I could come up with was this "yearbook as labcoat" concept that came to me in the shower (where all great thinking is done). I slapped together a rough concept from Googled images, and voila. Okay, I know it's not terribly impressive or original - but I kind of like it (maybe because it's so miniature for now...).

Interestingly, to search for a picture of a labcoat-cum-stethescope (pun intended), I ran a Google Image search for "doctor." Apparently, doctors are quite a fetish item. I can see the appeal, of course - I do look rather dashing in a whitecoat. Just kidding! (not about the dashing part)

On that note though, after our exam today, about half of the Great Wall split off for a lunch party (to which the other half of us were not invited). Because there are festivities downtown tonight to celebrate Kushima's birthday, one of my friends (who is too embarrassed to be named) asked if I wanted to hang out at their place for the afternoon despite the fact that they were attending the lunch party.

Andy: So what am I supposed to do while you're at lunch?

Anon: I don't know. You can hang out - go on the computer!

J-Rock: Oh, do it. You can search for her downloaded porn. Remember *.avi *.flv!

Anon: What?!

Andy: Look at her - she doesn't know how to download porn...

Andy: ...

Andy: It's all streaming, obviously, heh.

J-Rock (to Anon): Bullsh*t. You're telling me you've never downloaded porn?

Anon: No, I have not!

J-Rock: You've never clicked a link to look at naked pictures before?

Anon: .....................okay, I have.

J-Rock: I KNEW IT!!!

J-Rock: That's blog material - that's legit!

Anon: That is not blog material.

Sorry, Anonymous. I blew it (that's what she said) - your secret, that is.


Joyce said...

Well, they do have that private browsing function in Firefox now... said...

i have no idea what these no-turtle related posts are but I read it anyway

sandlot said...

I clicked on the links - and this is why i think guys who have this huge desire to specialize in gynecology are strange (just like my previous neighbour) and prefer to avoid them as much as possible(also just like my previous neighbour).

sandlot said...

BTW. Way to indirectly admit that you're an expert in downloading porn...

"It's all streaming, obviously"


a_ndy said...

This was actually meant to be an underhanded, "I'm on your side" but "Aha! Not actually" statement with regards to Anon's (only-in-jest) porn collection, but thanks for turning it around on me. I guess you can't make fun of someone else without expecting some in return. /sigh

Jerry said...

Good capture of this moment on your blog :D I am glad that this is going down in history!

I hope anonymous gets a chance to read this blog hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Anonymously, I must say that your recount of the story was not entirely accurate. for the record, J-Rock asked: "You're telling me you've never clicked a link and had naked pictures pop up?" rather than "clicked a link TO look at naked pictures".

HA! take that.

@sandlot: yeah, guys should not go into gyn.

J-Rock said...

I just want to clarify what I said. I feel this is so important that even though I am in class learning important medical things I'd rather reply here.

So for the record so there is no dispute, andy's version is closer to what I said, an I would know cuz I said it :)