Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nothing lasts forever

As medical students, we take a measured amount of pride in our station. The most common way of expressing this pride is dropping the M-bomb at bars is wearing our uniformly blue med school backpacks. However, given that these knapsacks convert 224 students into an indistinguishable sea of blue, some kind of marker is needed to distinguish one pack from the other (lest we put them down, say, for an exam).

While during Orientation, we were encouraged to brand our backpacks with tacky airport-style name-tags, I opted for a classier approach - pins.

I began the year with my Queen's alumni pin affixed firmly to my bag. This was perfect - it expressed both my pride as a medical student and as a Queen's alumnus. However, after several months, this pin broke in half. Though I managed to mend it with the help of some crazy glue, I decided that it was too fragile to use again - lest I lose it forever (I don't know where it is anymore...).

I swapped in a Superman pin that I'd picked up at Fan Expo from the DC Comics booth. That was pretty neat (not to mention a source of J-Rock's intense envy) until one day it fell off and was never seen from again.

With two pins down, I was pretty discouraged. I replaced the Superman pin with a Batman pin that I'd also picked up from the DC booth. However, this time, I glue gunned the fastening mechanism shut. This pin was never coming off... ever.

True enough, the glue gun worked magnificently, and the pin never came unfastened. However, apparently, while the fastening mechanism remains sturdy, the body of the pin is subject to its own wear and tear. This week, the pin body became detached entirely from the fastening mechanism, leaving nothing but the wiry remains pictured above.

Bollocks. I thought I had outsmarted pin losses, but that's three down.

I guess it's a good thing that Sandlot bought me six more for Christmas.


Riona55 said...

yayyy! I love comments! (oh no! *gasp* what have I become!?)

maybe you should consider patches from now on, haha

Jerry said...

hmm, you have failed to describe your strategy for keeping the body from detaching with your new pins from Sandlot lol

I doubt she'd be pleased when you lose those too!

a_ndy said...

I have no further strategy, but the expectation of losses is why she bought me so many to begin with. With the glue gun, I've done all I can think of. This will be a real test as to whether her pins are higher quality than those supplied by DC Comics.