Sunday, February 21, 2010


Justin Bieber is the latest incarnation in a long line of prepubescent popstars conceived of in the spirit of Aaron Carter. He first appeared on my radar as an annoying Cineplex theatres pre-show feature, which ran with just about every movie last year. According to the feature, Bieber began as a YouTube sensation before being wooed by both Justin Timberlake and Usher to sign on with their respective labels. He chose "his idol" Usher (and in his first music video "One Time", is portrayed to be buddy-buddy with the icon - "JB, wassup man?").

There's a lot to dislike about Justin Bieber, and I've certainly stacked my case against him. There's his tweenage target audience, his B-cheese music videos, and the fact that the girls in his videos looks at least five years older than him. Then there's his ridiculous appropriation of terms like "shawty", the use of a swagger coach to manufacture himself into an icon, and the fact that he'll probably grow up to be a fat, ugly, acne-laden reality TV star (puberty is a real wild card). And who could forget my girlfriend's unhealthy obsession with the boy?

I'm in good company in feeling this way. Plenty of self-respecting people across the Western world find Bieber's overnight stardom and prepubescent pitch to be outright intolerable.

That's what makes it downright disturbing that I find Justin Bieber's latest single "Baby" to be, well, damn catchy. The sound hits all the right buttons, upbeat with a likable juxtaposition of high and low voices. The video has a polished look to it, with beautiful lighting and colours, slick camerawork, and a natural feeling groove. Bieber himself has upped his game - leaving behind the one-finger salute of "One Time" and "One Less Lonely Girl", he's picked up some legit dance moves, expanded his repertoire of facial expressions, and styled up. Maybe I should get one of these swagger coaches? There's an easy vibe and contagious energy, from the roll-over pool table move to the pushover break dancers. Then of course, there's the inclusion of Ludacris to offer JB some street cred. All in all, a pretty solid play.

Damn, somebody get this song out of my head so that I can go back to hating on this kid. I think I'll steal his shoes while I'm at it.


Joyce said...

He's talented and all, but ugh, i really can't stand his prepubescent voice. D:

sandlot said...



Kaiba said...

I hate hate HATE Justin Bieber.

Catalogue of Queens said...

his face is less pixie-like and he looks less-grade-5. i say, he'll be an aaron in 6 months and a nick in 12 months -tops-.