Friday, February 26, 2010


Hello Readers of Chronicle!

Once again, this is Sandlot blogging. Except that rather than being invited by Andy to guest blog, this time around, I have overtaken guest blogging duties without his permission.

Yeah, I know what you guys might be thinking at this very moment: "Without Andy's permission?!! This is outrageous! An uproar! Call the military, the navy and the cavalry!!!"

But before we get tax payers' monies involved into this situation, allow me to explain.

Perhaps, similar to me, many of you have noticed that it has almost been an entire week since Andy has last blogged. Normally, this wouldn't stir up any concern... except for the fact that we're talking about Andy - author of Chronicle.

As a self-proclaimed slave to his blog, Andy usually manages to keep us entertained with at least a new post every other day or two. However, having visited Chronicle for the past four days looking for new material about his love/hate relationship with school, passionate posts about politics or even posts dedicated to my awesomeness (calm the heck down mush patrol!), only to be greeted by the same picture of some sketchy man riding the TTC is a cause for worry. Great worry.

Why hasn't Andy updated his blog? What has Andy been doing this past week that is so important that it has made him stop blogging?

Watching girly TV medical dramas?
Plotting the final stages of his plan for world domination?
Or maybe he got eaten by a hungry giant mutant gorilla.

Whatever it is, Andy has been neglecting Chronicle and I don't know about you guys, but I can't take it any longer! I mean, honestly, what else am I going to read? The news? Pffttt. My textbooks? Hah! Please!


Also J-Rock, if you're reading this, you owe me 1/4 of your soul in a nice shiny jar.


a_ndy said...

Sorry, my excessive pondering of your awesomeness has distracted me from my blogging duties. It's been a long week. (Mush patrol shields up!)

Btw, you bet J-Rock for 1/4 of his pride, not his soul. I mean, who are we, the devil? said...

at least I got a tag out of it

Jerry said...

Ahhh thanks SO much Sandlot for the tag!! I really appreciate the dedication that you have to keeping your promises and tagging the less fortunate (i.e. me, since somehow youtube keeps beating me)

Ahhh and if it was not for Andy's comment I would not have seen the fineprint indicating the price for this tag.

On this i'll have to go with Andy and say that it's probably 1/4 of my pride and not my soul that you'll get in a jar. To be fair, I think my soul can go through walls, so the jar cannot hold it in. 1/4 of my PRIDE, however, is just 1/4 of my testicles = 1/2 of one testicle. THAT i can provide in a jar, maybe stored in that brine that pickles are stored in?

sandlot said...

@ Jerry - Ugh. You can keep your 1/4 of pride. I do not want your preserved testicle in a jar. I don't even think I could sell it on Craigslist... and you can sell just about anything on Craigslist.

a_ndy said...

@Jerry: I find it distressing that your pride is entirely tied to your testicles. I could go on, but I think that'd be overly harsh. All I can say is: "Epic your fail." You know what I mean.

@Sandlot: You should know that Jerry (like Mello) doesn't click links, and based on his comment, this is probably still true. I doubt he noticed that you linked to the Archie vs. Punisher comic and is probably thinks that his 1/4 testicle was payment for the tag.