Saturday, February 27, 2010

You held my blog, I held your hand

I'd like to thank Sandlot for taking over my blogging duties yesterday and providing my readers with some fresh content. It's true, my life has been busy yet boring as of late, leaving with me with little impetus to write. Still, here I am to fill your lives with mush once, sharing with you this most interesting of winter accessories - the smitten.

The smitten (or "couple's glove") is a shared mitten intended for couples who want to keep their distal upper extremities warm whilst getting their mushy hand-hold on. It first came to my attention on Sandlot's blog, whereby it was suggested as a solution to perpetually losing your gloves (it's easy to lose a glove, hard to lose a glover). As we started dating, it became a running joke between us. However, like the unicorn, the smitten was more a creature of myth than living, breathing real-life entity - one of those tall tales that only gets told on the Internets.

Lo and behold, as I kicked back and watched Grey's Anatomy at Yubin's apartment today (Yes, I have been catching up on Grey's this week as Sandlot revealed - twelve episodes in four days), Yubin popped out of her room brandishing the strange looking apparatus above.

Yubin: Isn't this cute?

Andy: What is that?

Yubin: It's a couple's mitten.

WHAT?! The fabled smitten... it exists! I want.

The following text exchange occurred. Mush warning!

Andy: GASP! Yubin has a smitten!!!

Sandlot: Waaaaa Yubin is so cool!! I could totally see her sporting a smitten.

Andy: Her sister bought it for her and her boyfriend, but then they broke up so she gave it to Yubin.

Sandlot: Haha aw. I dunno how I would feel about wearing someone's secondhand smitten. But it's still so cool! I want one!

Andy: Well now we know smittens are not just things you find in pictures on the Internets.

Sandlot: Hahaha. Cuteee.

Andy: Not as gag-worthily cute as we'd be with one. Although it does have little hearts all over it, so it's pretty gaggingly cute.

Sandlot: Little hearts eh? Hrm... I dunno if could wear that, it might be a bit too much. Haha. Plain red smitten. That's what I want. Haha.

Andy: It would be awesome if we had one. All your friends would be like: "OMG I don't know you."

Sandlot: Haha I know. OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME ANDY?!!!!!!!!!!!

Showered you with affection. Tis all.


Jerry said...

wow, I did NOT know that these "smittens" actually existed...freaky!

My question though is, are there are matching gloves for the OTHER hand that's not holding your significant other? Or do you have to use one a glove from another unmatching set? Or does one hand freeze? OR do you use 2 smittens, and hold both hands of your significant other, and walk sideways down the sidewalk?? LOGISTICS PEOPLE LOGISTICS!!!

sandlot said...

I said it before and i'll say it again:

Just remember everyone! If you want to become a glover, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!


a_ndy said...

@J-Rock: I think the best solution is to have one hand in the smitten and the other hand in your pocket. I did consider a pair of smittens though, in which case you'd probably end up frolicking in a circle.

@Sandlot: Yup, that's what they say - no glove, no love.

sandlot said...

@ J-Rock @ Andy - No, no. They give you matching gloves for your other hand... or perhaps another smitten for a third party. LOL... jks jks.

Joyce said...

That's actually pretty cute!
i could do without the hearts print though, that's overkill O: