Thursday, March 18, 2010

The future is Move-ing

Sorry the blog pickings have been kind of scanty this week - I've been enjoying a rare and precious week off school and logging also rare and precious quality time with my lovely girlfriend Sandlot.

You may recall my recent excitement over Sony's upcoming motion controller, the PlayStation Move. This excitement has further been compounded by Sony's tongue in cheek advertisement for said motion peripheral, not so subtly bashing on Nintendo's at times finicky Wiimote (and always ridiculous Wii Boxing) as well as Microsoft's upcoming controller-free motion control system, Project Natal.

While my jury's still out on whether the XBox360 or PlayStation 3 represent my gaming future, I'm always happy to see Sony fighting back with marketing that doesn't suck.


sandlot said...

Yo. Wii boxing is awesome. I'd probably beat you in that... just like i did at mariokart.

Jerry said...

Just get PS3 and end your misery. It's a bluray player y'know ;)

Plus, if you get PS3 then we can play online. Can't let something like clerkship stop the gaming experience lol

Blogger said...

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