Monday, March 1, 2010

It's wet outside

Walking down the street, a discussion of romantic prospects was taking place:

Andy: You think Mello should date anyone.

J-Rock: That's not true, I only suggested three people - A, B, and C.

Andy: But B's not Honger.

Mello: That's okay... he's hot!

Andy: Whoa.

J-Rock: You didn't know this? Mello pretty much gets soaked every time she sees him. If you put a potted plant between her feet, it would stay watered for life.

Oh dear...


sandlot said...

I wanted to comment on J-Rock's comment.. but after 24hrs, i'm still left speechless. This is possibly the most funniest yet disgusting thing that i've heard in such a long time.

Jerry said...

@sandlot: that is probably the BEST compliment you have ever or could have ever given me!

@andy: THANK YOU for posting it :D True friends are indeed hard to come by but today you have proven yourself to be just that lol

@mello (who will eventually comment): Sorry for telling everyone your dirty lil secret haha jks jks

Joyce said...

You have *interesting* friends...:P

Riona55 said...

O_O reputation eternally ruined!!!!!!


for the record, I don't own any plants at home.