Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parking, She Wrote

Over March Break, I headed down to Awesome U to visit my girlfriend Sandlot. Sandlot lives in a suite-style apartment building we'll call Sandy Hall. Sandy Hall is adjacent to a number of other residences including Frosh Hall, an infamously rowdy undergraduate residence.

Now I drove up to Awesome U for the week, so Sandlot kindly secured me a visitor's parking pass. It stipulated a number of eligible parking places including Sandy Lot (for Sandy Hall), Rocky Lot (for Rocky Hall), and Muddy Lot (for Muddy Hall). We weren't exactly sure where Sandy Lot was, but I had parked just outside Sandy Hall.

"Is this the right parking lot?" we quizzically considered. There was no signage identifying the lot - only one that read, "Grey passes only." I looked at my parking pass. It was purple. What was a Grey pass? Still, we considered, our pass said Sandy Lot. In front of us was Sandy Hall. Done.

The next day I woke up to be greeted by a big fat $35 parking ticket. Under "location issued" it read, "Frosh Perimeter Lot." So apparently I had been in a parking lot for residents of Frosh Hall, not Sandy Hall. Could I be faulted that the parking lot was right between the two, without any signs that actually identified it as the "Frosh Perimeter Lot"?

After driving around a bit, I located Sandy Lot on the other side of the building. Actually, this lot did not have a sign that identified it as "Sandy Lot" either, but rather a parking rate sign that said "Sandy Hall." I know this is small beef, but your parking lots should a) be labeled and b) match the labeling on your parking passes.

In any case, Sandlot and I went to the parking office to pay the fine. However, I thought the entire ticketing was rather unreasonable. When we got there, I asked if there was any way that we could complain, and we were provided with an appeals form. We filled it out.

Here's the gist of what we wrote:

"We obtained a visitor's parking pass for Sandy Lot, and parked in a lot outside Sandy Hall. We received a ticket which identified the lot as Frosh Perimeter Lot, however there was no signage identifying it as so. Our parking in the incorrect location was enacted out of confusion rather than a deliberate attempt to disregard the rules. The vehicle has subsequently been moved to the correct lot."

Today, I received the following text from Sandlot:

The judgment decision was "signs are posted and are clear." Clearly not.

Oh, Parking Authority, thou art condescending little buggers. Clear signs, my dears, would be signs that read "Frosh Perimeter Lot" and "Sandy Lot." Kthx.

At least the news isn't all bad: they reduced the fine to $12.

That's still enough for two bowls of udon.

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sandlot said...

I paid the fine.

I don't even like udon that much, and I'd have taken it over that parking ticket.

Btw. Excuse me sir, but did you get a parking ticket? Cause you have fineeee written allllll over youuuu.