Sunday, March 14, 2010

That's a Lo blow

You may remember the Clue debacle from a few days ago, where I made a funny about one Dr. Mustard which almost nobody understood. Today, I gave it another go at the expense of one Dr. Lo:

Andy > Mello, Yubin, J-Rock: Lecturer joke of the day: Shawty got lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo

Yubin > Andy: Omg I was thinking the same thing!!!!!!

Andy > Yubin: You are the best. You always appreciate my jokes...!

Yubin > Andy: Great minds think alike! Woo woo

As with the Clue quip, slow texter J-Rock reacted in person, rather than via SMS, turning to me with an exasperated grin and shaking his head. Mello didn't notice the message until an hour later when she turned to me and said, "What? I don't get it." (Typical) After a brief pause, her eyes lit up as she pointed to our lecture notes, "Wait, is it him? HAH! HA HA HA HA!"


Jerry said...

ahhh at least mello got it in the end lol

yubin said...

I totally know the laugh that she does!!
it's one loud ha and then the other 'ha's!!

this is so funny