Thursday, March 11, 2010

Use that paddle; smack that ball

When Sandlot first got her BlackBerry Curve this summer - a fine example of quality Canadian engineering - I had barely played RIM's additive little mini-game, BrickBreaker. Sure, I logged the occasional round here and there on my Pearl. Having heard my sister gush in advance about how it was the best game ever, I had to have checked it out.

But when Sandlot got her Curve... well then, the game was afoot. This set off a back and forth score setting challenge that ended when Sandlot reached the unattainable heights of 10500 points. I maintained the intense level that we had been playing at for a couple of weeks, but finding the score ever out of reach, I eventually gave in and resigned myself to defeat.

I still logged a game here and there - waiting for my research supervisor, waiting for lecturers to resume, waiting for a text message to arrive, waiting for a subway to enter the station... waiting. Always the result was the same. Too little, too late. It was frustrating in its own right that the score I was aiming for was so high that it took at least 15-30 minutes (I lose track of time) of intense staring at that tiny little screen to even reach the level at which a five-digit score was indeed possible. At such a point, losses were punishing, and to start over again was a colossal investment by my already tired eyes.

Even more troubling was that I always seemed to get stuck at the same impassable level. Just shy of the score I desired, it didn't matter if I had 9 lives or 2 lives - the result was always the same. I had plateaued. So many promises had been broken over this game. A gentleman has nothing if not his word, but this game had taught me a thing or two about humility. "I'll beat you this week/this month/eventually..."

Months passed, and Sandlot had long since stopped troubling her thumbs with BrickBreaker. There was no longer anything to fight for. She had me licked. Then, one particularly extended break in one particularly slow class combined with one particularly fortuitous power up and brought me victory: 11050! I was free of my burden of defeat. The competition may resume.

Of course, I can't say this didn't trouble my rival. Thrust into psychological anguish was she, distressed that she had been dethroned and compelled to play me to defeat once more. A road, that if I have any luck, will be as arduous as my own.

So troubled was she by this turn of events that last night, Brickbreaker invaded her subconscious and crept into her dreams...

You know that level with three rows of bricks? Well I dreamt that I was playing that level, and the ball hit one of the middle bricks, and suddenly all the bricks came tumbling down! Then the level ended and it turned into this completely different game - some kind of secret level which was like a hybrid of BrickBreaker and Super Mario. It's so strange because it was so vivid.

My score just kept going up and up, and I think by the end it was at like forty-thousand. I remember thinking, "That definitely beats Andy's score." Then I woke up.

And then she woke up. Oh, the sweet smell of victory.


sandlot said...

So... what happened to not blogging about this because you didn't like redundancy?


a_ndy said...

Well, then you had a dream.

sandlot said...

Well... I dream about a lot of things. Maybe you should write about those too. ;) hahahahahhaa.