Friday, March 12, 2010

We are everywhere

Some of you may remember my quest to prove to Sandlot - who made the audacious claim that only bright-blue backpacked 1T2's roamed about the surface world - that medical students of all years walked the streets of Toronto everywhere. This led to the Great Backpack Challenge: a contest to snap candid pics of medical school backpacks everywhere in life away from the safe bosom of the Medical Sciences Building.

The contest officially ended with the New Year, a $15 lunch waiting for the victor. My friend Ruru put in a good effort snapping pictures of first and second year medical students, which provided the lowest point values. In total, she accrued 5-points.

My friend Mello was poised to steal victory away, however, having snapped numerous candid photos of dark blue CC4 backpacks (worth 10 points each). I've waited two and half months past the deadline, and these photos have not materialized - victims of Mello's inability to get them off of her mobile phone and over to me. By this point, I dare say, we must consider that she has defaulted on the challenge. You'll note that despite a vigorous description of the circumstances, Mello is not tagged in this post. That's because I am of the opinion that such a dramatic epic fail is unworthy of contributing to anyone's label count. Sorry, pung yau.

So without further adieu, I must congratulate...

the winner: RURU

...for her hard-earned victory. I know she's already got her eye on a couple bowls of udon. Hopefully she's also managed to prove that we are, indeed, everywhere.


Jerry said...

You know, if you really wanted to punish Mello for her epic fail, you could've tagged me too and THEN it would REALLY hurt! (her lead is slowly diminishing :D)

Joyce said...


Yay for benefiting from your friend's epic fail! Now we do have to hang out! 8D;;

Riona55 said...

epic major (i mean MASTER) fail!