Friday, March 5, 2010

When the love is gone

Remember when you first fell in love - how shiny everything seemed? How new? Remember how proud you were? How you flaunted your love and bragged to all your friends? Then things changed, and your eyes began to wander. When the love is gone... move on.

Somebody call a geriatrician, because two human years equal fourteen dog years, which equal a lifetime in computer years. I hate technology.

Once upon a time, I bought a shiny new laptop and it was glorious. Dual core processors packing a dedicated graphics card - I ripped through gaming in a way that my shoddy little Hewlett-Packard made ex never could. Everything worked perfectly - the built-in DVD burner, integrated Bluetooth support, fingerprint log-in...

Now this decrepit old thing slugs along. The microphone jack seems dysfunctional. The DVD burner has long been temperamental. The touchpad exploded and died (almost taking my computer with it). Now, Bluetooth support is crapping out with reliable voice support acting spotty at best.

At first, I thought it was just the Bluetooth headset itself - an easy fix. However, after swapping in a different set to test, I still seem audible to parties on the other side only fifty percent of the time. Given that the microphone jack is also not functioning, I'm left with the last functioning solution for this gradually dismembered technological device - a USB microphone.

However, because I'd like it to have the wireless capacity of my current Bluetooth, I'm left with few options. FutureShop only carries one wireless USB headset, which on carries 20/39 ratings at 1/5 stars.

The lovely device comes with such effusive reviews as this:

First, the sound can get really bottom out. Sometimes my Skype friends sound like gurgly lagoon monsters, hungry and ready to feed. I can't hear the mid or high ranges of their voices. And the connection seems unstable, causing pops and drop-outs. So I take it back, lagoon monsters may be more coherent. Initially I thought this was a Skype problem but I plugged in my wired headset and I could hear them clearly.

I'm at wits end here. My computer, only two years in, seems to have more medical problems than Abe Simpson, with few clinically proven interventions to offer. Medic!


Jerry said...

Are you guys talking on skype?

Because if you are, I have noticed in the last few months that whenever I talk to my friend in Japan, things cut out, sometimes on her side, sometimes on mine, and we have to keep repeating things. It may just be a Skype issue.

In case it matters, we are both using computers with built in microphones that previously worked well over Skype, but one day something happened and then now whenever either of us is talking, it cuts in and out.

a_ndy said...

Now that you mention it, we didn't have any problems the other day when we were using Google Chat instead of Skype.

If it is Skype, that's a win for my computer, but that's very inconvenient since I use Skype to make long distance calls for my DOCH project.

sandlot said...

Hey Andy,

So I just wanted to say that it's not Skype's problem nor is it your bluetooth's. I just like hearing you repeat things... sometimes more than twice.



Peter said...

Andrew, forget about laptops. You should get a shiny new desktop... Something like mine!