Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boy 2 Man

J-Rock came to class on Monday sporting a dress shirt, jeans, and runners in preparation for a lunch date with one of his friends. Being a departure from his usual t-shirt and shorts apparel, Yuffie immediately spoke up:

Yuffie: Hey, why are you so dressed up today?

J-Rock: Ah, crud. You can tell? I got dressed this morning and I was like, "Yeah, maybe I can just pull off the dress shirt look. Maybe nobody will notice." Clearly not.

Several minutes later, Mello and Yubin came in and sat down behind us:

Mello: Hey J-Rock! Why are you so dressed up today?

J-Rock: Dammit! Does nobody just think that I can dress like an adult for no reason?

Be a man. Wear the right thing.


sandlot said...

Just one question: who's the guy in the picture?

a_ndy said...

It's J-Rock.

No, actually it's a random dress shirt picture from

Attracted to him? Probably because he has a cigarette in hand...

sandlot said...


I like the smell of cigarettes (and only a specific brand that I have yet to determine). I don't actually like boys who smoke.

Now all the people who read this comment are going to think that you're dating some wacko that endorses second-hand smoke. geez.

He just looks familiar that's all. Also, speaking of the models on, one of the female ones is a friend of a friend. Crazy!

a_ndy said...

Ah really? That's pretty cool! TVB hookups and model friends. Maybe you're closer to being part of SNSD than you think.

As for the smoking, I quote (only one year ago): If you smoke, cuss like a sailor or have tattoos, then you are amazing.

GuessWho said...

the guy in the picture is hoooottt