Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dork I am, dork will be

Lifted from Windows Live Messenger GChat:
Sam: I was just catching up on reading my Google Reader

Sam: I saw 20 new posts from your blog that I haven't read

Sam: So I skimmed through them

Sam: It was heartwarming, lol

Andy: Hahahaha, was it?

Andy: How so?

Sam: Yeah, well...

Sam: It just reminded me of how dorky you are

Sam: And how long we haven't seen each other


Joyce said...

My sentiments exactly. :'D

Mello said...

cool! You tweet-ed about my Tumblr!

Sandlot, what is your tumblr account? I promise I won't stalk you, haha =)

Sana said...

btw... i dont use windows live messenger

sandlot said...

@ Mello: Haha. You can stalk me anytime. =P Mine is What's yours?