Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Epic Master Fail

Mello doesn't get jokes. She's also never watched Star Wars. As such, J-Rock and I have decided that were she a Jedi, her name would be Master Fail. Furthermore, because so many of Master Fail's missed punchlines are epic fails, we have elected to refer to her with the full respect which she deserves - Epic Master Fail. Oh yes, that's going to stick.

The other day, Mello told me a story about J-Rock's own epic fail. Last year, while taking part in a clinical skills small group, J-Rock flipped over his hospital badge to look at the backside. On the reverse of all hospital badges are a list of colour codes. For instance, Code Red refers to fire. The oft heard Code Blue stands for cardiac arrest.

Code Pink: Neonatal arrest

"I don't understand," exclaimed J-Rock. "Why would anyone want to arrest babies?!" Chuckles all around. "No, I'm serious! Why would they do that?" The laughter faded as his small group realized he was serious. Some time was then spent explaining that "arrest" didn't involve the police in this context.

Mello: That's like EPIC MASTER FAIL!

Andy: Well, that is an epic fail on J-Rock's part.

Mello: No! It's an epic master fail!

Andy: Dude, Epic Master Fail is your name - it's not an adjective.

Oh, that was epic, Master Fail.


Jerry said...

Mello's fail was WAY worse than mine lol. Guess I can't beat Master Fail can I?

p.s. She needs to watch Star Wars. This is an epic fail that just should not stand any longer. No Infernal Affairs until she watches Star Wars lol deal?

a_ndy said...

As epic as Master Fail may be, neonatal arrest takes the cake hands down. Nice try.

Consider it a deal, though.

Teddy said...

haha that's pretty funny

Jerry said...

My only epic fail was even telling Mello about this fail that happened a YEAR ago lol

Oy Master Fail has been training me all too well...

a_ndy said...

Well, it would have been even worse it happened this year, future-doctor-in-the-making J-Rock.

And no, your only fail was not telling Mello that this happened. Your major fail (Major Fail! /salute) was the event itself - that you thought neonatal arrest on the back of your badge referred to an actual incarceration.

Although, admittedly, having told us, it has now ended up on both of our blogs. I guess that's an epic fail, after all.