Thursday, April 22, 2010

I feel like a pretender

So, this afternoon I hopped the shuttle from my home hospital to its affiliate hospital for a small group learning session. It's worth noting that this was only my third time in the affiliate hospital - I had been there once for a small group learning session like this one and once to hand in a paper.

As I was waiting for my session to begin, I ducked out to use the little boys' room (of note: the only restroom on the floor is awkwardly situated in a patient waiting room - "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I'm not here to see you, just using the john"). When I stepped out of the washroom, a woman immediately ran up to me and exclaimed, "You! You work here - I'm looking for the Gynecology department but I got out on the wrong floor!"

Bewildered and ambushed I stammered, "Oh, I don't actually work here..."

"Great! So you're just wearing a badge..." she retorted, throwing her arms up into the air.

"Ac- actually, I work at- I'm more at [Home] hospital. But where are you trying to go?"

"Gynecology. I wrote down 6th, but obviously, I wrote it wrong because well, this isn't it!"

I furtively looked around for someone who actually worked in this hospital or at least was based at it for their clinical training. I briefly considered running down the hall to ask my peers, but they were pretty far away.

"Well, maybe I'll just take the stairs," she continued. "It'll probably be faster. Do you know where those are?"

"Um... I think that they're down that way," I answered cautiously, gesturing down the hall.

It reminds me of my training this summer at HUMP where we had to tour the hospital because wearing our badges around, people will gravitate towards us for answers. To be honest though, even at my home hospital, I still wouldn't have been able to tell anyone where the gynecology department was, though I do have a better command of the floor plan.

My bad?


sandlot said...

Awesome Andy. Thanks to your lack of hospital floor plan knowledge, that lady probably never was able to get her vadge probed by a speculum that day.

a_ndy said...

I seriously think that word should be spelled "vag" - as in "vagina." It's not something that police officers carry in their pocket (i.e. a badge).

Jerry said...

Don't worry, in a few months you will have a BB with a data plan and will then be able to look up the building plan :D