Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let's end this war!

With my second Foundations of Medical Practice exam imminent, I've learned a lot about what constitutes a Trauma Team. I'll have to admit that it's nothing like this video game.

That said, I'm actually really excited for this game to come out, and I'm sure it'll be full of highly entertaining and medically inaccurate procedures. From CT scan diagnosis to plate-screw orthopedic fixation, it covers a wide swath of my medical knowledge. Yet with my expertise still too gestational to pick up on all the flaws, I'm sure I'll be highly impressed and amused - and not just by the saucy trauma surgeons. I mean, this isn't Grey's.


sandlot said...

I was making my rounds of internet sites i visit before i blocked them and clicked your second link.

Egh. I can't believe... So gross, really.


Okay, time to study! Study hard.

Michael said...

*clicks the link referred to above*

Hellllllo trauma surgeon! <3

(Great... now I've watching sexy nurse videos on Youtube... at 5am before the exam. xD)

a_ndy said...

What the heck... there is a song behind the "Hello nurse" line? I never really liked Animaniacs (except for the Pinky and the Brain, of course), and when you think about, having the main characters (who aren't even human) salivate over a busty nurse all the time is pretty sketch for a children's show.