Thursday, April 1, 2010

The true face of Andy

So after 434 posts of Chronicle goodness, I've collected quite a following here on the Internets. While I've certainly enjoyed my anonymity, every so often, I get an e-mail from a random follower that reads something like this:

Dear Andy, I love your blog. How come you never post pictures of yourself? I'm sure behind your eloquent, super-brainy medical student writings you're one hot, sexy chap. Are you ever going to reveal your face to us? Your devoted fan, LengLui88 ♥

Well, not one to resist peer pressure, I've finally caved. Here's a picture of me taken this year enjoying the Toronto nightlife. I'm sure you can see why I've withheld my face from you - I want to be loved for the quality of my writing, not my superstar-level good looks. In fact, I'll probably take this photo down later as my anxiety over being identified by lurid Internet creepers builds up.

Having seen my face, you can probably understand a lot more about my life. Things that didn't quite make sense before are likely much clearer now - like how I made it into medical school or ended up dating such a ridiculously attractive and amazing girl as Sandlot.

Happy April Fools. Sorry, but how I landed such an incredible lady remains a mystery.


Joyce said...

LOL! Very niiiice... 8D

Sarah said...

no mystery mister
you're awesomepants

sandlot said...

"Happy April Fools. Sorry, but how I landed such an incredible lady remains a mystery."

I moonlight as real-life Nancy Drew. I'll solve the mystery for ya..... for a price. dun dun dun.