Thursday, April 15, 2010

Um, are we still talking about doing laundry?

With Stewie, somehow it always comes to this. From MSN:

Stewie: I can pile up 3 loads of laundry before I run out of clothes/socks/underwear

Stewie: Right now I'm at 2 loads... Maybe not even - 1.9

Andy: Hahaha, well then still got a load left

Andy: So no worries

Stewie: Yeah, but I don't want to use up all my loads...

Stewie: At once

Stewie: If you know what I mean

Stewie: (and I mean laundry...)

Andy: Don't worry - you're young, it'll just come back fast again

Andy: If you know what I mean

Andy: (and I mean dirty clothes...)

Stewie: lol, actually but seriously though

Stewie: I know some guys who can only... like you know

Stewie: like 1-2 times a day

Andy: Do laundry?

Stewie: No, the other thing

Something tells me we're not talking about laundry anymore.


sandlot said...


I don't think this conversation is strange. What's odd is HOW does he know this? Is it from personal... laundry... experience? Was he in the room when it happened to a guy? Does he and his male friends share their experiences in emptying loads of...laundry... over coffee and bubble tea?


Michael said...

Here are answers. I have a feeling Andy didn't want to post this part because he doesn't want the world knowing he thinks I'm a stud (sorry sandlot, don't be jealous k?)
(10:28 PM) Andy: do laundry?
(10:28 PM) -=*Michael*=-: no
the other thing
(10:28 PM) Andy: hahaha
and how do you know this?
(10:28 PM) -=*Michael*=-: from girls ive talked to
(10:28 PM) Andy: lovely
(10:28 PM) -=*Michael*=-: and these arent old men or anything, they're like guys in their 20s
and i was all like 'wtf'
so i dont know if im an 'overachiever' or they're 'underachievers'
if u catch my drift
(10:29 PM) Andy: maybe a little bit of both
we all know you're a stud
(10:29 PM) -=*Michael*=-: why thank u

Also, the next day...
(7:16 PM) Andy: anyways i'm actually impressed
how frequently you're mentioned on my blog
considering we don't hang out that much
i guess your words are just gold
(7:16 PM) -=*Michael*=-: you say that to me every time
i'm not sure if its supposed to be a compliment
like "ur funny"
or an insult
like "but not funny enough to hang out with"
(7:17 PM) -=*Michael*=-: so thanks alot...
(7:17 PM) Andy: hahaha