Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Um, are we still talking about pharmacotherapy?

You may remember that when Stewie sits beside me, shit goes down. Today, we were learning about the clinical use of drugs. If you introduce drugs to a therapy-naive patient at the regular dose, it can take quite a few doses for the drugs to reach a steady therapeutic level in the body. As such, it is often prudent to provide a loading dose to hasten the drug reaching the appropriate level before continuing with the regular dosing schedule. This can be done by making the first dose a "double dose" or "DD" as the lecturer short-handed on the slide.

Stewie reached over and wrote, "I love DD." Then he added, "(double dose)"

Andy: I don't know. I think double-D is a bit too much.

Stewie: You like it a bit lower eh?

Andy: I just like things to be... natural.

Stewie: Ah, you know, you look like an A student to me.

Andy: A? Well, I can settle for B's and C's.

Stewie: No, I can do B's and C's. You're too high an achiever. A's for you.

Something tells me we're not talking about drug doses anymore.