Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a cardigan

Earlier today...

J-Rock: Hey, is that a new shirt?

Andy: No?

J-Rock: I mean... new... vest...?

Andy: You mean cardigan?

J-Rock: Yeah, whatever, I don't know fashion terms.

Later, after describing the event to Mello...

J-Rock: Whatever, I don't wear cardigans!

Andy: But you do realize that vests have no sleeves, right?

J-Rock: I don't know, I don't wear vests!

Andy: Wouldn't it have made more sense to call it like a sweater?

J-Rock: No! I don't wear sweaters either, okay?!


Jerry said...

lol well maybe one day when I grow up i'll start wearing these fancy clothes you call cardigans/vests/sweaters

Until then I'll stick with "shirt" or "topless" thank you very much.

Mello said...

stick with shirt, not topless. thanks.

sandlot said...

Hi. So I've officially skimmed through your entire blog (post and comments included). You live one interesting life and I'm glad I can share it with you. I'm also glad that you know the difference between a shirt, sweater, vest, and cardigan. I love you.

Terence said...

it's been a while that you had a new entry!

Kaiba said...

Too busy enjoying your X-box to update your blog?

sleepy said...

JRock knows: shirts, shorts and thongs.