Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Citizen of the Domo Nation

DomoNation.com: Domo does Long Distance (fullsize)

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Who is this mysterious creature that was hatched from an egg? Upon closer inspection we see that his monster-like features conceal a gentle soul with a body of pure fluff. Domo just can't stop watching television. Is this a problem? Perhaps it is if you're already a sloppy creature whose daydreams often lead to disasters. Be careful not to disturb Domo as he sometimes farts when upset.

via domonation.com

What is Domo? Until last week, he was a cute but nameless cosplay at Fan Expo, poised to eat a little child. But then, a couple of Saturdays ago, something magical happened - I won a Domo stuffed animal for Sandlot via the whack-a-mole at Wonderland.

I've never known a winner before...

Suddenly, we were interested in Domo. Who was he? What was he? Was he poo? Was he an alien? Of course, after watching his 7-Eleven slurpee ads on YouTube, we were sold that Domo was the new greatest character on the planet.

The next day, Sandlot confessed to me that she had spent the whole morning watching Domo videos on domonation.com and that she had been tempted to sign up for an account so that she could animate him. What had stopped her was that she had noted a profile picture of one of the users and he looked like the was twelve years old.

Well, that didn't stop me.


sandlot said...

lol, thanks andy. hahaha jks jks.

This was really sweet and amazing and you're amazing and I love you.

Out of all the videos on domonation, this one is the best one and I'm not just saying it because you're my boyfriend or because you're older than 12. Okay, maybe the latter has something to do with it. But regardless, this was awesome. You're awesome.

ps. To me, he's still a piece of poo. The cutest brown poop ever.

Michael said...

Dude how can the both of you not know about Domo-kun?

He is literally as old as "all your base are belong to us" as far as internet memes go!!

a_ndy said...

We knew of his existence, we just never paid much attention to him until now.