Monday, June 14, 2010

The worst controller ever not having one.

Kinect (formerly known as Project Natal) is Microsoft's answer to the Wii and entry point into the casual gaming market. It offers camera-based control of your XBox360, so you can just wave your hands in the air. The only problem is... why the fudge would I want to pretend I'm holding a steering wheel made out of air? It was hard enough with the Wii wheel for MarioKart where the wheel wasn't connected to an axle.

What could be cool for Kinect is this - not waving at the air, but incorporating real-life objects. In an early concept, they showed a boy scanning his real skateboard with the camera and then applying his real-life decorations to the in-game skateboard. However, he was still ended up pretending to ride a skateboard made out of air. What would make this system really unique is scanning real life items and then using them. So for Tiger Woods PGA Tour, you could hold and swing your real golf club, and not some clumsy Wiimote, and your game would use those movements and that club in-game. Pretend I'm holding an imaginary gun? No thanks.

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*rolls behind your couch while russians are firing at me*

Michael said...

I think it's a little premature to comment on it. We all remember how gimmicky the Wii seemed to be... same with the Nintendo DS ("why would you want TWO screens?").

If you think about how gaming works in futuristic films, it's usually some combination of VR and "Holodeck"-like simulations. I think gaming and playing (outside) are converging... that's really the future. Wii at first, and now Project Natal are some of the first steps.

The ultimate dream after all... is a game like World of Warcraft, only instead of playing the characters, you ARE the characters. I know that would cream a lot of geeks' pants.

Also, welcome back to your blog lol

Michael said...

Just to add, the Nintendo 3DS is another step too.

Think about it...

3D visuals + motion recognition = as close to a Holodeck as we'll see in our lifetimes.

Now 3D visuals + motion recognition + sex doll = someone in Japan is going to make ALOT OF MONEY.


shirls said...

A nice review for those who weren't able to attend E3 and try out Kinect for themselves -

a_ndy said...

@brutalturtle: You know, at the moment, you're not allowed to play Kinect from a seated position?! Bollocks.

@Michael: So basically we should combine Sony's 3D with Microsoft's Kinect. One day, perhaps. I never really got how holodecks work though. I mean there's a finite amount of space, so even if you have a holographic projection, how do you tweak it so that a person doesn't walk into a wall? Or what if you have two people in the holodeck walking away from each other?

@shirls: Ah, thanks for setting me straight. I guess I should give Kinect a bit more of a chance if industry insiders who have laid hands on it think it's pretty neat.