Friday, July 9, 2010

The Andpire will strike back!

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Hello friends, I hope that you have all been enjoying this super-hot summer weather. I've spent it more or less between hardcore gaming and logging quality time with my lovely girlfriend, Sandlot. I apologize for my MIA-ness and would like to assure you that I have not forgotten that I do have a blog. More entries will follow.

Until then, enjoy this lovely Domo rendition of Scenes 337-338 of Star Wars: A New Hope. I spent the whole afternoon productively working on it.


sandlot said...

You did spend the whole afternoon productively working on this video. Why? Because I was watching you!

*creeper alert*

Sometimes I forget that I have a blog. /tangent

Jerry said...

LOL all you need now is to somehow get them to do some light sabre fights. Get Yoda in there too. Maybe do the fight between Darth Sidius and Master Yoda from Episode 3?