Sunday, August 1, 2010

Window blindness

So my parents are technologically illiterate. This is especially true of my mother. In fact, I think it should be illegal for my Mom to come within ten feet of an electronic device. However, she's become accustomed to many of the latitudes afforded to modern society by this invention we know as the Internet (such as E-mail).

The problem is, she can't use a computer to save her life. She doesn't know what to look for when scanning a web page or a program window, she can't adapt to even the most mundane of unexpected events (e.g. yes/no pop-up prompts), and she looks to me to help her.

This leads to moments every day where my Mom comes banging on my door yelling the Chinese equivalent of "WTF?!" followed by something like "How come I can't print?" or "What's this thing? Update? Not update? This computer is stupid!" or, in this case, "What's wrong with the computer, everything is in French?"

Invariably, I have to haul myself off my ass, go downstairs for the umpteenth time only to glance at the page and click THE BIG FREAKING BLUE "ENGLISH" BUTTON on the incredibly sparse page. Seriously. No, seriously. This happens all the time.

Believe it or not, my Mom actually has a Computer Science degree. Of course, that was from back when wall-sized computers were programmed using punched cards.


FleurLapin said...

I hear you. I get really annoyed when it comes to teaching technology to my parents because they don't get it no matter how many times I tell them. Or rather they forget...

Ter said...

i think all Chinese moms are like that lol