Monday, September 6, 2010

Long Live the Grill

Sandlot tends to come up with some pretty wonkers ideas for baby nomenclature. Basically, when she has a child, that child will be ridiculed more times over their name than George Bush Jr. was compared to a monkey.

Her latest bright idea is to name her future spawn "Harvey's". That's not Harvey, like the infamous Batman villain Harvey "Two-Face" Dent. Rather, it's Harvey's, like the hamburger chain, apostrophe-"S" included. Yes, you understood that correctly - Sandlot's future spawn will be named in the grammatical possessive. What happens when Harvey's himself arises to the age of ownership? That's Harvey's's problem, I guess.

This idea isn't exactly new, although I do think it's taking an affinity for Harvey's burgers entirely too far. What is new is Sandlot's projection that Harvey's will one day meet a girl named Wendy's. I suggested that he could have multiple Wendys (one for each day of the week), but Sandlot insisted that Harvey's have a singluar Wendy's, whose named matched his own illogical possessive nomenclature. The following conversation ensued:

Andy: I don't think that there's any girl named "Wendy's".

Sandlot: Well, then I'll name my daughter that.

Andy: I think that would incest [to pair Harvey's with Wendy's].

Sandlot: Ewwww... that's not what I meant!

Followed up by...

Sandlot: I think I just made an incestuous relationship with my future son and daughter.

Andy: ...

Sandlot: Wait, that's not what I meant! Stop twisting my words!

Speaking of twisted - this is going to be one twisted family.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Previously on Facebook...

The above photo was posted by Yuffie from her summer vacation. The below discussion ensued:

Sass me, and be prepared to be sassed.