Monday, September 6, 2010

Long Live the Grill

Sandlot tends to come up with some pretty wonkers ideas for baby nomenclature. Basically, when she has a child, that child will be ridiculed more times over their name than George Bush Jr. was compared to a monkey.

Her latest bright idea is to name her future spawn "Harvey's". That's not Harvey, like the infamous Batman villain Harvey "Two-Face" Dent. Rather, it's Harvey's, like the hamburger chain, apostrophe-"S" included. Yes, you understood that correctly - Sandlot's future spawn will be named in the grammatical possessive. What happens when Harvey's himself arises to the age of ownership? That's Harvey's's problem, I guess.

This idea isn't exactly new, although I do think it's taking an affinity for Harvey's burgers entirely too far. What is new is Sandlot's projection that Harvey's will one day meet a girl named Wendy's. I suggested that he could have multiple Wendys (one for each day of the week), but Sandlot insisted that Harvey's have a singluar Wendy's, whose named matched his own illogical possessive nomenclature. The following conversation ensued:

Andy: I don't think that there's any girl named "Wendy's".

Sandlot: Well, then I'll name my daughter that.

Andy: I think that would incest [to pair Harvey's with Wendy's].

Sandlot: Ewwww... that's not what I meant!

Followed up by...

Sandlot: I think I just made an incestuous relationship with my future son and daughter.

Andy: ...

Sandlot: Wait, that's not what I meant! Stop twisting my words!

Speaking of twisted - this is going to be one twisted family.


FleurLapin said...

hahahahaha. i think its hilarious when people are unintentionally funny.

sandlot said...

It's going to be one tasty family... because they're all named after fast food joints.

You could also be named after a fast food joint:

And I could be named after some diner in Dundas, ON (wherever that is):

sandlot said...

Btw "That's Harvey's's problem"

HAHAHAHAHA. Grammatical possessive x2 = ftw.

Jerry said...


Sandplot, if this is any consolation, I hope your son Harvey's DOES meet a girl name Wendy's. Plus she'll be easy to find since we know that Wendy's has gotta be a red head with pig tails right?

And-he, wassssssssssup? Haven't seen you in a while bro. Good job on the recollection of a very witty conversation. Man it's been ages since we chilled eh? Darn clerkship.

Hanna said...


terminator360 said...

lol that spiderman is so wire but its original