Wednesday, November 17, 2010

With friends like this...

...who needs frenemies?

Kushima: So, how are things with Bandlot?

Andy: Lol, you can't remember my girlfriend's name, eh?

Kushima: Oh, right, Sandlot... lol.

Kushima: I just remember B because of [her blog name]

As always, names have been changed to protect those involved. Of course, in the real conversation, Bandlot was replaced by Sandlot, and Sandlot was replaced by a real name. Try to wrap your head around that one!


Anonymous said...
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Jerry said...

I should be tagged just cuz you have a picture of the two people I am most like in Star Trek - yes Data and JLP (Jerome Liu Picard right?)

a_ndy said...

You know, I would counsel you against leaving your real name on my blog... but then, it's your infamy, not mine!