Sunday, August 28, 2011

The thing that I hate about MS Word

...Is that it's racist! Now I'm not talking about racism against illegal Mexican immigrants or African American ghettos or even against Asian Americans in institutions of higher learning. In fact, what I'm referring to might be more appropriately labelled "nationalist", except that the word nationalist has already been commandeered to mean someone who believes in a strong national identity (rather than someone who is biased against other nations).

What I mean is that MS Word treats Canadians like we're weird. Something that's long irked me when trying to "Insert Date and Time" in MS Word is that if you have the language set to "English (Canada)", you end up with a date option that looks like "Sunday, August-28-11" - because... you know we all stick hyphens between our dates and abbreviate our years. If you select "English (US)", you end up with something more recognizable, like "Sunday, August 28, 2011". See for yourself:



Honestly, I think it's some kind of punishment for our spelling "colour" and "centre" properly and adopting the metric system used by the rest of the bloody world. What's that? You're Canadian? Well then say goodbye to the option of inserting the date the way that everyone else uses it... forever.

Now, I might be overreacting here, because it's possible that my computer decided to muck something up (because I swear that the date was not always messed up like this). However, I do remember having this problem at some point with my last computer as well so, I'm sticking to my guns with that age old adage - Blame Microsoft.

Oh wait, that was from South Park, and it went "Blame Canada."



Red Suzanne said...

Well said, my fellow Countryman! I am a transplant and live down here..If I have to here the 'eh" statement one more time, I may go completely off centre, and commit a mayhem...of some sort.
Oh, how cute.. There is my little red misspell indication right under that horribly misspelled word.
And no, it is not just your computer, mine does the date thing as well.
How lovely. I now have something more to irritate myself with each day. I am almost tempted to not say thank you for this..LOL.
Funny about the two words. I am even given grief by my Brit, Irish and Scottish friends about my spelling of these.
Oh well, we must not allow the petty minds of the under educated to colour our worlds. Spelling is simply not the centre of their realities (well, OK, it is not there for me either, but I do know how to spell), at least not as of Thursday, October-6-11.
Yes, eh? I do know that I am a couple of months off the ball here.
Ta, and may the force be with you, or something to that effect.
Thanks for the laugh.

a_ndy said...

Thanks for the comment, Red Suzanne! To be able to make someone chuckle from so far away warms my heart whilst I live in my igloo, eh? ;)