Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The shower fiend

I'm currently on Radiology elective, and today I stayed a bit late at the hospital working on an assignment. I commandeered a computer in the Residents & Fellows room which, sensibly enough, is connected to the on-call resident's room (the room in which the Radiologist trainee can stash their stuff and can theoretically sleep on nights where they have to stay at the hospital reading overnight films - I say theoretically because there will, in fact, be no sleep).

The on-call resident was also in the Residents & Fellows room, snacking on a bit of light dinner and preparing to read films and field the barrage of pages he was going to receive all night. In walked an Asian guy, dressed in scrubs (who I can only presume was a technologist). He started jostling the doorknob to the on-call resident's room which was, understandably, locked.

A conversation thus ensued between the tech (who sounded like Peter Chao) and the resident:

Tech: Hey, do you know the password to get into this room? It's locked. I need to shower.

Resident: Uh, that's the on-call room.

T: I know. I need to shower.

R: Well, it's only supposed to be for the resident.

T: What are you talking about? I just need to shower.

R: Well, who is going to clean it?

T: Who is going to clean it? I need to shower, who said this room is only for residents?

R: Uh, the department? Look, it's like you wouldn't walk into someone's room and sleep on the bed, right?

T: I'm not going to sleep on the bed. I just need to use the shower.

R: Look, if you want, I can open the door.

The shower in question was en suite to the on-call resident's room, and accessible via said room. It wasn't hard to read the mood. The resident was flabbergasted and exasperated that this tech had muscled his way into his on-call room to use the shower with a seemingly inexplicable sense of entitlement. The tech was frustrated and angry that the residents were somehow acting like they owned the place and claiming this shower as their own.

I turned to the resident:

Andy: Well, that was gracious of you.

Angry resident: Great, now I'm going to have some guy's pubes in my shower.

Andy: Try not to think about it.

Seriously... ew. Why would you think about that? I thought about introducing myself, but the resident didn't really seem like he was in the mood to play nice anymore.

Meanwhile, the tech finished his shower, got changed, and came back in:

T: What year are you?

R: PGY-3 (third year)

T: What is your name?

R: Rocky.

T: Rocky. Perfect...

Then he walked out. No doubt he had plans to complain about these stuck up residents and their attitude. Now, maybe I'm missing something, but in my head it makes sense that the shower that is inside the on-call room is for the on-call resident.

This crud is going to go down one of two ways:
  1. The on-call resident gets informed that he was mistaken and that, not very intuitively, the shower is actually public and that he should avoid antagonizing the techs.
  2. The tech will get all up and at 'em defending their tech pride, complain to the Radiologists, and subsequently be smacked down.
Personally, I'm hoping for numero dos. Now the sense of entitlement, I suppose, comes from using the shower freely during the day or perhaps after hours when the on-call resident has not yet appeared to lock the door.

Seriously though, man... why would you think of pubes?


sandlot said...

maybe he's bald, so the only hair that falls out in the shower are located in his nether-region.

a_ndy said...

The resident did have a pretty receding hairline...