Monday, February 6, 2012

The Small World of Drama

So, after a long hiatus from Japanese drama (since Crunchyroll went legit and stopped carrying it), I've finally swung back into action. Because I'm a total girl romantic, I picked up a romantic comedy called Boku to Star no 99 Nichi - which I think translates roughly to something like "My 99 Days with a Star". I've only watched one episode so far, but I'm already getting excited for this show. It looks like it has the whimsical over-the-top comedy that I tend to appreciate in Japanese TV with less of the circular self-inflicted plot devices that Korean drama are known for.

The show follows a Korean popstar who is making her Japanese debut. She is assigned a bodyguard from a private firm. Her bodyguard has a strong sense of justice, but unlike most men is totally not interested in the popstar (which makes him perfect to fall in love with her as the show progresses). To complicate things, her co-star (a celebrated Japanese actor) has a huge crush on her, and she herself is looking for "someone" (long lost lover?). Love quadrangle!

What really struck me though, is that even though I've watched such a pithy number of Japanese drama, they all seem to intersect based on their star power. Also, while the same has not been true of the Korean drama I've watched, with this show, my Korean and Japanese drama experiences have also started to meld. It's uncanny! Let me demonstrate:

I have watched a total of 4 Japanese drama to date.
  1. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (or Hana Kimi) - is about a girl who pretends to be a boy to attend an all boys school in Japan to try and help her hero, a former star athlete, return to glory. The dorm leader is played by Mizushima Hiro.

  2. Mizushima Hiro appeared unwittingly again as a major love interest in another drama I watched, Zettai Kareshi, about a robot who is designed to be the ultimate boyfriend. The engineer for this robot is played by Sasaki Kuranosuke. The leading girl is played by Aibu Saki.

  3. Sasaki Kuranosuke also played an Internist in the third drama I watched, Iryu (Team Medical Dragon) - a medical drama about a master surgeon. Again completely accidental.

  4. I followed Aibu Saki over to the drama Attention Please, a show about Japan Airlines flight attendants.
Now in Boku to Star no 99 Nichi, Sasaki Kuranosuke follows me for a third time, playing the famed Japanese drama star. What's more, the Korean popstar is played by Kim Tae Hee (the Son Yeh Jin wannabe) who played Seung Hee in... IRIS (terrible show, but one of the limited number of Korean drama I have watched)! Her fated lover is played by Korean popstar Taecyeon (a.k.a. Beast), one of the stars of Dream High, which is one of the few Korean drama on my to-watch list (because I'm a huge IU fan).

So there you have it. Although most of the time, I don't do this on purpose, the stars in the few drama I have watched continue to intersect. Either the drama acting pool is very small, or my great taste on drama prefers a particular set of talented actors. Must be that one. Hahahaha.

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Joyce said...

You are still watching so many dramas! I personally could not get through Hana Kimi and I just couldn't bring myself to watch Zettae Kareshi. I have been consuming large quantities of anime lately though. :'D

PS. I just noticed all of your comments on my blog (shows how dedicated I've been to it eh? xD)