Monday, April 16, 2012

I feel like a sheep, bah bah

Remember when the iPad was first announced and we all laughed? "It's like a giant iPhone without the phone," we said. "It's like a PC without any of the computing power," we joked. "It has the worst name ever! It sounds like a feminine hygiene product!" we ribbed.

Fast forward several years, and the must-have item in every class raffle or draw this year has been an iPad (except for that one completely rigged contest for a 42" LCD TV... grrr).

And I, myself, having had an iPad serendipitously dropped into my lap by a guardian angel called my older sister have become completely inseparable from the item. In fact, I've spent the last week glued to it, reading First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 while furiously finger highlighting using a $9.99 PDF-reading app.

Its impressive battery life (versus its phone counterpart) and quick wake-up time make it super convenient when looking up factoids on the fly, and while I entirely disdain hardcore gaming on touch devices, I have three simultaneous "Draw Something" games open with classmates (including Yubin) and "Words With Friends" games running with a friend from elementary school and a medical student from Alberta.

Worst of all, while I trumpeted my technological leap from Blackberry to Android, I've found the device so frustrating (despite rooting my phone - the most sophisticated technical maneuver I've ever made) that I am seriously considering switching to an iPhone.

I look back and I think about all the criticisms leveled at the iPad at its launch - which were all true - and I wonder... when did I become a convert? When did I jump on the Apple bandwagon? Oh right... probably about the same time that I got one for free.

Speaking of which, I heard that the University of Ottawa gives away free iPads to medical residents. Selling point? Some would argue, yes. I think Sandlot has called dibs on mine, though.

Dear Apple, even though I am now an iPad believer... and maybe even an iPhone believer... I still hate you. Let's just be content to know that we've moved from a hate-hate to a love-hate relationship and that I will never ever buy one of these... and definitely not one of these.


sandlot said...

I still think it's like a giant iphone without the phone. But I will graciously take your incoming 2nd ipad off your hands.

Joyce said...

I still don't own a single Apple product! /judges you. :'D (What's wrong with your Android phone?)

a_ndy said...

@Joyce: It crashes a lot, and it's slow

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